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P S P (Webhook) Integration

The integration or `check out` with kasssh.com is simple and normally requires a line or two of code in your front-end shop. That's the customer's promise to pay, but how do you get the funds/cash they pay over?

It's unlikely you'll want to be handling actual cash and all the possible risks + the hassle of paying cash into your bank?

What happens is that kasssh.com creates a remote Virtual (Bank) Card for this payment and then that works just as if the customer had used this card at checkout. It's that simple ! It's not a re-usable card and just for this one-off transaction.

We need a trigger or an Alert
When a customer makes his/her promise to pay for their order (cart) they'll receive instructions - kasssh.com does that for you. When he/she actually pays at a cash-in network store (like a Post Office) then something needs to happen to say: The Customer has paid.

We call this a Webhook
When a cash payment is made on your behalf, we need to trigger this or fire it off to you and your PSP (Payment Service Provider) in just the same way that someone used a bank card at your checkout. There is no difference to YOU.

In your Store setup there will be a Payment back-end URL. That's just a web-term for a link that is called (not by you) but simply and automatically when the customer pays in cash to settle their order with your Shop.

That is, however, a sensitive and secure area within your shop and your PSP will have gone to great lengths and possibly warned you that you must never give that information to a third-party provider or anyone really! They are quie right. kasssh.com does not want this data and never will.

So what is this Webhook ?
To integrate this (no magic wand) kasssh.com needs to have a link to your server (website) to make this happen. This is completely by design and 100% for security. We and no one must ever know your PSP keys and codes. That's why it must be on YOUR SHOP, on your server-shop and not with us. Simple, Safe and Secure.